From our Hollywood warehouse, we provide receiving and shipping services for parcels addressed to your organization, to your family, or your business in Haiti.

You can ship parcels to us from anywhere in the US and Canada via UPS, USPS, FEDEX, or any trucking company. With your instructions, we forward your shipment to its destination. We clear customs for all small shipments to Haiti and also deliver by truck to many localities.

If you live in South Florida, we can pick your boxes up for you. Please call 954-744-9006 or 305-777-2020 to schedule a pick up.

Rates are usually based on the measured volume of your shipment. Please keep in mind that there is a minimum charge of $50 for Cap-Haitien and for Port-au-Prince. Last but not least, delivery charges may apply if you want your cargo to be delivered outside of Port-au-Prince.

How to calculate the volume (cubic ft.)
Length x Width x Height
Note: the length, the width, and the height need to be in inches.


However, some items are shipped at a flat rate and other fees may apply. Please call us for more information


Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ship cargo to Haiti?
– The cargo has to come to our warehouse in Hollywood so you have to either bring it to us or ship it to us. If you are planning on shipping cargo to us, you need to fill out a cargo advisory form and either fax it or email it to us. By doing so, we’ll know what to expect, where it is going, and who it is going to and who do we have to bill for it. Once payment is received in full, your cargo will be added to our next container.

-If shipping directly to our office, please send your items under your name using our address. This will help us identify your shipment faster and prevent any delays in shipping it. Once received, CAS Xpress will assign a unique number to your items, which will allow us to identify them and track them down.

Do I have to pay customs for my cargo?
– No, customs is included in the price that we charge you unless we specify otherwise.

Do you pick up the cargo from me and deliver it in Haiti?
– We pick up cargo from our Dade and Broward county’s customers and deliver all cargo received in Port-au-Prince, St. Marc and the towns in between these two cities. However, all cargo sent to Cap-Haitien has to be picked up from our office.

How do I know how much will my shipment cost?
– Once we receive a shipment, it is measured and weighed. Then, our accountant makes an invoice and sends it to the shipper via email or regular ground mail. Once payment is received in full, only then items will be shipped.

Do I have to prepay my shipment?
– Yes, all shipments must be prepaid in order to be loaded on the container.

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