The team at CAS Xpress has plenty of experience in shipping trucks, buses, fire engines, construction equipment, ambulances, garbage trucks, & farm equipment including thousands of vehicles to Haiti. We make it easy for you. Just deliver your vehicle to CAS Xpress in Hollywood, FL and we’ll do the rest. Our vehicle Specialists will prepare all the shipping documents for you and book your vehicle on the next available ship.

Each country has different document requirements so call us for rates and the document information we’ll need from you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ship vehicles to Haiti? 
– All vehicles must be delivered to our yard so that we can measure them to determine the final price. Once measured and after all documentation is properly filled out by the owner, we will then tow the vehicle to the proper port. However, the shipper does have the option of driving that vehicle to the port. In such case, we require that the dock receipt from the Port be brought back to us so that customs can be cleared. Once customs is cleared on the automobile, the shipper is responsible for picking up the original title from us and sending it to the consignee in Haiti.

What documents do you need from me? 
– To ship a vehicle, we need the original title, a copy of the owner’s driver license, and an original signed & notarized power of attorney to permit us to process the export documents for your vehicle. In some cases, we may also need an original bill of sale signed by the buyer & seller, a company letter and a business license if the vehicle is in a company or organization’s name.

When does the person receiving the vehicle become the owner?
– We suggest that you do not sign over the title to someone in Haiti, as that person would then have to sign the export documents prior to shipping. The person receiving the vehicle will become the legal owner when he claims the vehicle at Haiti customs.

I want to ship a vehicle but I’m unable to make it to your office, what are my options?
– If you are the owner of a vehicle but, for some reasons, you cannot make it to our office, it is not a problem. To ship that vehicle, you will need a power of attorney, which can be found on our website under the shipment forms section. After printing your name and signing as the buyer (preferably in blue ink), you have to mail that power of attorney to our Fort Lauderdale office. We need the power of attorney with the original signature to clear U.S. customs [Please make sure that the signature on the driver’s license, the title and the power of attorney are the same]. Along with the power of attorney, we will need a copy of your driver’s license and the original title. However, extra documentation might be needed so please contact us prior to mailing these documents.

The shipper is responsible for making all the arrangements to have the vehicle delivered to us. Once the vehicle, the necessary documents, and payment have been received, we will then move the vehicle to the port and process the U.S. Customs export permit for you.

Do you clear customs on vehicles in Haiti?
– No, we do not clear customs on vehicles in Haiti. The consignee is responsible for clearing customs.

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